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Are you fed up of checking up on your loved ones’ whereabouts? Prefer a convenient way of letting them know that you’ve arrived at home safely? Want to check that all of your family is safe at the click of a button? Introducing buzzzie, the app that gives you instant peace of mind on the people that you care about the most!

Whether you’re a worried parent that wants to ensure that their youngsters are safe, in a long-distance relationship and cannot guarantee the safety of your other half, an elderly person that feels they’d benefit from being able to reach a relative in an emergency or you generally just need extra reassurance, this app is designed to keep your worry at bay.

We understand that in this day and age, it is so important to be vigilant of yours and your closest’s safety. Hearing various news stories can only make us even more worried and cautious about the whereabouts of our nearest and dearest, so that’s why we created this app; to give you comfort in knowing that everyone around you is safe and that they are only a click away if you’re ever in need, too.

Did you know? buzzzie syncs with compatible smartwatches (like the Apple Watch) – keeping track of yours or your loved ones activity. 


buzzzie is available on iPhone and Android devices

buzzzie has a wide array of features that focus on innovative ways to help you to keep your loved ones safe and keep you informed. Being out of touch can be worrying, and the team behind buzzzie wanted to bring the world a solution that could help families to protect each other with an easy to use app.

So, how does buzzzie work?

Profile and location awareness

buzzzie gives you the ability to create your own user profile and will allow you to drop a pin on your current location.

Privacy Controls

At any time you have the ability to pause the app meaning that no information will be shared with anyone. You can also create different permissions for individuals, groups or as your default setting to control what can be seen.

Individual Statuses

buzzzies' statuses are a simple way to know the ‘status’ of those in your family or close network. With a simple glance, you can see if someone is active as you would expect or perhaps even being unusually quiet.

Emergency button

The app uses intelligent location awareness meaning it will always alert the nearest person to you to help from your selected network when you activate the emergency button.

Emergency Information

You can enter in your blood group, allergies and any other important information that may need to be known in an emergency.

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