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Introducing buzzzie. The innovative app that brings us closer together, connects us with family and friends near and far and removes the worry about the whereabouts of our loved ones.

Fed up of sending those annoying “Where are you?” messages? Tired of having to call your family to let them know that you’ve arrived at your destination safely? Want to check that your family are all safe at the click of a button? The brand new buzzzie app makes it easier to stay up-to-date with your family and can give you the peace of mind you need. Those check-in texts will become a problem of the past as you can easily view your family members’ current statuses’, and as we integrate with Fitbit, Alexa and Smart Home devices, you can get a complete overview of your families’ day. 

Whether you’re a couple, a family, a single parent, or if you have relatives that are living alone, the buzzzie app can help to bring you together with those you care about without being intrusive or annoying. Gone are the concerns of “Did they get home okay?”, “Are they almost here?”, “I wonder if they are up and about yet today?” because with buzzzie you can see with a simple tap exactly where your loved ones are and receive an alert when they check in safely or to remind you to check in with them. Not only this, but for loved ones living alone you can see their general activity status and relax knowing that they are going about their normal daily activities without having to worry for them or be intrusive. 

buzzzie is a non-intrusive way to feel secure and relaxed in the knowledge that your family are safe and well. It gives you the comforting knowledge that if there were to be an emergency, or if you were to worry about a family member, they are simply the press of a button away. To find out more about the app and how it works, click here

buzzzie is now in public beta and available on iPhone and Android

buzzzie has a wide array of features that focus on innovative ways to help you to keep your loved ones safe and keep you informed. Being out of touch can be worrying, and the team behind buzzzie wanted to bring the world a solution that could help families to protect each other with an easy to use app.

So, how does buzzzie work?

Profile and location awareness

buzzzie gives you the ability to create your own user profile and will allow you to drop a pin on your current location.

Privacy Controls

At any time you have the ability to pause the app meaning that no information will be shared with anyone. You can also create different permissions for individuals, groups or as your default setting to control what can be seen.

buzzzie Button

Part of our Assisted Living Package, the buzzzie button is a internet connected push button that can be installed in your home. In emergencies, press the button and buzzzie will alert your emergency contacts.

Emergency button

The app uses intelligent location awareness meaning it will always alert the nearest person to you to help from your selected network when you activate the emergency button.

Emergency Information

You can enter in your blood group, allergies and any other important information that may need to be known in an emergency.

Individual Statuses

buzzzies' statuses are a simple way to know the ‘status’ of those in your family or close network. With a simple glance, you can see if someone is active as you would expect or perhaps even being unusually quiet.

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